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There were accruals of BST tokens on your accounts, which are integrated into the new investor office. Please see the letter with the username and password from your account with tokens in the email to which the last ico account was registered.
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What’s unique about this platform?

No mediators between the advertiser and the webmaster

Our own Marketplace

Internal social network for business


Payment guarantees on all levels

All participants are protected by smart contracts

Video presentation about the advertising platform Briastorm

Market without us

CPA network Seller's site Advertising platform Seller Site Webmaster Partner program Buyer
Complicated launching procedure
In the existing system, you must send an offer to the e-mail, come to the office, discuss the conditions, sign the contract and attachments, and go through a complex scheme for determining the parameters, conditions.
Small and medium business limitations
It is difficult for most of CPA networks to make money on a small business. What should an entrepreneur do with the promotion of his services if he has only 10 goods?
Not suitable for most of offers
There are several types of offers on the market: loans, finance, applications, and rare promotional product categories. Most of the advertisers cannot use the CPS network only because of the category of their products.
The human factor impact
98% of advertising campaigns are checked manually. The work is getting harder, costs and mistakes due to inattention are increasing, the advertiser’s time is wasting.
Unfair work of the site
There were numerous cases of deliberate reduction of conversion rates to the advertiser. The managers adjust the advertising campanies on their own, so he can commit fraud.
No guarantee of payment
Payments depend on many factors and often suffer from dishonesty of one of the parties. These relations are not regulated.

Market with us

Smart contract Buyer Webmaster Seller BriaMarketPlace
Simple account
It will take only few minutes to place advertiser’s goods on the site. Webmaster easily and fast will get his partner’s link.
No mediators
There are no mediator on the Briastorm platform between the advertiser and the web master. It makes working processes to be cheaper and easier. Our own market place.
Secured by a smart-contract
It provides the maximum protection against influence of the human factor. All payments, link generation and accesses are made automatically. Our managers get involved only in urgent cases.
Income from a partner link
All participants of the Briastorm platform get a unique partner link. Any useful acts which are made using this link will bring a profit to its owner.
Income from forming a partner network
We created our own marketplace, which allows you to create your own partner network, earn from every sell and get additional bonuses from the company.
Payment guarantees on all levels
A smart-contract guarantees account auto recharge if conditions of cooperation have been fulfilled.


token issuance
15 000 000 BST & 100 000 000 BON
1 BST = 5 ZHC | 1 BON = 1 USD
Quantity sold at pre ico 15,000,000 BST (exchangeable for ZHCash / for info about ZHC check site
Tokens distribution
Distribution of proceeds

Benefits for investors

  • Briastorm is the first system in the advertising sphere, which guarantees transparent relationship between the advertiser and the webmaster. Reliability is secured by a smart-contract. The advertiser and the webmaster work directly together, without any middleman.
  • Platform Reliability
    We already have cooperation agreements with the major market players. For example, Ulmart —Russia's first retailer of electronics, components, computer and home appliances of a new format. It is one of the largest Internet companies in Russia.
  • Professional team
    The international team of more than 400 developers is located in many countries: USA, Russia, Kazakhstan, UAE, India, China, United Kingdom (Scotland), Nigeria, European Union Countries. The company's headquarters are located in St. Petersburg (Russia) and Glasgow (Scotland). At the moment the company operates in the Scottish jurisdiction.
  • Based on ZHCash (ZRC standart ERC20 compatible)
    Fully complies with the ZRC standard. The support of this standard guarantees the compatibility of the token with third-party services, and also ensures ease of integration.
  • Not limited to the platform
    The use of the Briastormtoken (Briastorm Token BST) is not limited only to the platform ecosystem. After launching the platform, the token will be available for purchase /sale on the stock exchange of cryptocurrency.


Roman Goldenberg
IT architect, Blockchain engineer, programmer (C++, Java, Ajax, Python, Ruby). The father of our main goals and values.
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Ivan Livinsky
Director of sales. Co-founder.
Entrepreneur, author of courses and series of market analysis and trading webinars
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Aleksey Lebedev
CEO. Сo-founder
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Aleksey Romanov
Network development manager
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Natalia Konstantinova
Client support
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Denis Vilyalkin
Learning development manager
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Vladimir Dyadichenko
CEO, HR, Co Founder
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Dmitry Bogomolov
E-Commerce Advisors
Business Development Expert. Present managing director and top-manager of Ulmart. Has a successful experience in shaping and achieving strategic targets in company. Since 2008 he is responsible for the administration of the whole regions and development of retail network. He is responsible for strategic development in the company. Co-founder of Briastorm.
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Kirill Pyrev
Marketing Advisor
Kirill Pyrev was CEO at blockchain startup BotGaming. He has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and advertising and successful experience in applying various gamification strategies. Kirill has deep knowledge of Asian forex markets (CMO and co-founder of brokerage company FXVan) and wide experience in blockchain marketing. Last years focused on blockchain startups, messenger bots, online games. Previously, as a CMO launched FXVan, a broker company, and expanded it to the Asian market.
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Kirill Kazakov
Strategic Marketing Advisors
Entrepreneur. Producer. Expert in strategic marketing, project management and customer experience management. Kirill is a Practicing Marketing and Brand consultant with 13-years experience. Creator of marketing projects for such companies as Volvo, Coca-Cola, Hyundai, Samsung and other international giants. Member of the International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain. Co-founder of the startup agency
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2014 – 2015
The system architecture and designing the blockchain platform
2015 – 2016
Start of our own cryptocurrency BriaCoin
December 2017-December 2019
BriaCoin is listed on cryptocurrency stock exchanges
Development of the mobile BriaCoin wallet for Android and iOS(iPhone, iPad)
December 2017-April 2018
Launching and testing of alpha-version of the Briastorm CPS network
February 2017-May 2018
Launching and testing of ZeroHour (ZH Cash)
February - May 2018
Launching of Briascoin Lite on ZeroHour basis
Launching Briacoin Cash cryptocurrency
April-October 2019
Release of the Linux and iOS version of the Briacoin wallet
September 2018-february 2019
Primary filling of the CPS/MLM platform with contracts
Launching of data centers network for cryptocurrency mining. Building smart cities, multifunctional Briastorm business centers and crypto valleys

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Upcoming events

Let’s talk. We always ready to answer your questions in person on these events around the world.


Token Purchase
How to get purchased BST tokens that remained in old ico cabinet of the investor?
There were accruals of BST tokens on your accounts, which are integrated into the new investor office. Please see the letter with the username and password from your account with tokens in the email to which the last ico account was registered.
Where in the new investor cabinet to see the balance of BST and see the accrual of tokens?
Log in to your account using the username and password from the email. Your email address is used as a login. Go to the WALLET tab and see all incoming transactions. To see the details of the transaction, go to the transaction section, the TRANSACTION button on the right in the WALLET section. There will be a detailed description of all operations on all your accounts (addresses) of the multi-wallet.
How to buy tokens?
Token sale was closed. ICO has been canceled. More detailed information on the link
BST token
Will be there new emissions of new tokens? And if it's possible, how often will it be and in what quantity?
Out of 1 billion, we managed to sell only 15 million tokens to the lucky holders who are subject to exchange for new ZHC coins at the rate of 1 BST = 5 ZHC. Detailed information about ZHC on the website At the moment, we have issued a new, main and single for BIA asset BON token. Backbon from back bonus - a token on the ZRC standard (created to replace the old CPS coin asset - exchange 1CPS = 1BON).
What profitability can I get?
Profitability will depend on the project development and its scalability
What are back bonuses or a BON token?
BRIA Solutions back BONus token. ZRC20 address of the smart contract on the ZHCash network Backbon (from back bonus) - this is a token on the ZRC standard (created to replace the old CPS asset coin - exchange support 1CPSon 1BPS = 1 to multi-wallet and the exchange platform in which you can have a deposit account in BON tokens). Token issue 100 million without the possibility of issuing additional tokens. For the purchase of each contract you get the amount of back-bonuses, which is equivalent to the double size of the package price in USD. Those. if the PLATINUM package costs 500 USD - then you get X2 - the fireproof option to purchase digital goods and services in the BRIA market for 1000 USD! This budget is also applicable to partial payment for physical goods and packages (business contracts). For instructions on how to use the budget, contact the support service inside the office. BON tokens are accrued only on new and paid contracts.
What’s the minimum purchase?
The minimum purchase amount is 10$
What’s BON token price?
The rate for payment for goods and services is 1 BON = 1 USD. BON token A freely convertible token that is in free circulation can be given as a gift or sold at any price at the discretion of the owner and is the main bonus settlement unit of the BRIA SOLUTIONS market platform.
Partner campaign
Are there any limits regarding the payment methods?
With all limits (if any) you can always find on the official sites of the eco-system.
What is Briastorm.Exchange, how are payments or payments made?
Payments for the affiliate program are made to the request. Payments from the account or depositing money into the account occurs through the payment gateway (which has a separate and own affiliate program with an initial rate of 10% of income from transactions made on your referral link). The platform has its own marketing and affiliate program. is for the entire BRIA eco-system a universal payment system with the functions of an exchanger and multi-wallet.
Which payment systems can I receive a payment for or make a payment?
Payments are made through your own payment gateway. You can get acquainted with the tariffs and directions on the website


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